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Trading Intro

Trading Intro

This is a quick intro into the world of trading.

What we aim to cover here is:

  • Total Market Traders Forex and Stock trading intro
  • TMT Risk management and Trade management explanations
  • The TMT Trader Psychology approach and much more.
  • Getting you prepared for the next level of trading with TMT.

The great thing about this is you can study at your own time and is available to you from anywhere with an internet connection.

Total Trader Startup

Total Trader Startup

Our forex courses are in this section:

FX Startup

This is where Total Market Traders show you:

  • How to Understand Risk Management and Trade Management through real examples.
  • How TMT manage trades shown on a chart on video screen share.
  • How TMT use Technical Analysis methods to identify the most profitable trading pattern's.
  • Get an understanding of how TMT uses fundamentals and how they compliment Technical Analysis.
  • that plus much more value-packed topics. 

Stocks Startup

 Learn about stocks and how we profit from them

  • How to select the right broker
  • How to manage risk in stocks
  • How to use TMT technical analysis in stocks
  • How to use Fundamental analysis in stocks
  • Practical Video lessons
  • all that and much more