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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Total Market Traders ? +

    To put it simply, Total Market Traders is the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for your trading needs, we crafted this project specifically with traders in mind, knowing the staggering amount of pitfalls that come with trading with little knowledge we decided to put this together so as those from all skill levels can benefit and grow.

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  • What is Forex trading? +

    Forex trading or Foreign Exchange as its also known as is when you exchange one currency for another at a certain price at any given time

    Example: If your home currency is GBP (Great British pound) and you are looking to go on holiday to America, you SELL your GBP and BUY USD which could be at a price of 1.44 (30/03/2016) meaning that £1 GBP exchanged will get you £1.44 USD, in simple terms.

    We cover this and much more in our Free intro lessons, click here to Unlock

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  • What is Risk Reward? +

    It is the amount you are willing to risk in order to gain a potential profit.

    Example: you BUY 100 shares of 'FB' Face book @$40.00 = you have invested $4,000 but you only want to risk $50 (minus commision's + fee's), you then will sell your shares for a small loss at $39.50 either manually or using a stop order (highly recommended), that is your risk potential, your reward however may be to again sell for a higher price for a specific reason such as to gain a profit of say $300, so you would sell your shares @ $43.00 and make $300 profit (minus commission's + fee's), this is also known as positive Risk/Reward of 6:1 where you risk 1% to make 6%.

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  • Do we provide trading signals +

    No, we are not a signal provider, we are not here to spoonfeed you "Buy / Sell signals" as we have tried them and they just don't work long term.

    Instead, we are here to teach and guide you on how to become a much more self-sufficient trader who can create great trade ideas.

    We also give users the opportunity to interact and share trading ideas and what they are looking at and what they may or may not be trading, this includes but not limited to saying where they bought and where they sold, won or lost. none of the information discussed on any part of this website by any user can be taken as advice of any kind, and users are not to advise or tell user what to do as this is not allowed, please see our terms and conditions clearly shown on the website.

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  • Is this for beginners? +

    Yes if you are brand new then perfect we have a Free beginners course to get you started before you unlock the next levels.

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  • Does Total Market Traders only trade Forex +

    No, Forex is just one of our main trading instruments we also trade:

    • Stocks / Equities
    • Futures
    • CFD'S
    • Commodoties
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  • Do you provide education of Forex +

    Yes we have our own tried and tested forex courses, Click Here to Unlock

    Currently no, however we can recommend some area where you can begin to learn if you are new, both free and paid, depending on how serious you want to take this as  a potential source of income or otherwise.

    Again a complimentary 15 minute Skype call with us can help you in that area.

    Skype: TotalMarketTraders


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  • Is Total Market Traders for me? +

    If your certain you want to start being consistently profitable and begin marking money by leveraging our experience and knowledge to help fast track you and help you avoid the trading pitfalls then absolutely, if your not then this isnt for you.

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